Lord Krishna states that among months, He is Marghazi, thereby conferring the sacred status on it. An additional sanctity has accrued to it owing to Andal’s Thiruppavai which describes the Pavai Nombu observed by the Gopis in this month.

These Gopis are already steeped in Krishna and they are dear to Him. Andal adopts the bhava of waking them up and joining them in the worship of the Lord in verses 6 to 15 to ensure that everyone seeks God in the right manner, Sri Ku. Satagopan pointed out in a lecture.

The inhabitants of Ayarpadi are simple folk but very strong in their love for Krishna. Andal’s evocative descriptions of the people and the place invite us to savour the spiritually charged atmosphere that pervaded there because of Krishna’s proximity.

The Gopis gather together in the morning to seek Krishna who has promised to give them the necessary items for their Nombu — such as the conch, flag, lamp, parai, etc. Early morning is the best time to experience the presence of God that is manifest everywhere. At dawn, the skies lighten up in the east, the cows begin to graze, the birds chirp and sing and the households get busy with their daily chores such as churning of curds. Andal entreats people to shake off the slumber and wake up to tread the path of enlightenment. Sleep is symbolic of ignorance of the purpose of our existence. Worldly glitter easily distracts us from our spiritual leanings.

Krishna is not merely for the Gopis but for all of us too. But how worthy are we of His concern and attention with all our shortcomings? What about the sins accumulated through births? And those we reap during the present, the fruits of which will take effect in the future? No cause for worry or doubt, says Andal. Singing His names and holding Him close to one’s heart at all times can wipe away the age-long sins as easily as cotton gets burnt in fire, is her firm belief.

We can always seek Him and choose to be in His service. He can understand our needs and resolve them. He might reside in Vaikunta which seems a remote place. But He also resides in the hearts of those who chant His glory. God realisation is a personal and individual experience.

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