Vidharbha king Bhishmaka’s daughter Rukmini decides to marry Krishna at all costs. But her brother Rukmi, who bears open enmity to Krishna, wishes to marry her to Sisupala.

An unhappy Rukmini devises a plan to overcome this fix. She writes a letter to Krishna extolling His qualities and beauties and expresses Her desire to marry Him alone. She chooses an elderly Brahmin to deliver this message to Krishna.

In a lecture, Srimati Prema Pandurang pointed out that Rukmini's letter reveals her boundless devotion and love to the Lord. Krishna is described as the very embodiment of beauty and His very presence has become beneficial to the entire universe.

Rukmini has not seen Krishna; she has only heard of His greatness, His pleasing personality, prowess, excellent qualities and graces and has fixed her mind on Him. Krishna too wishes to marry her.

In the matter of developing love and devotion to the Lord, hearing about His greatness has a telling effect in one’s outlook in general. When what is heard enters the mind and intellect, it influences the thought, action and speech accordingly. When people hear about the Lord and His infinite mercy, they get the courage and confidence to face the sorrows and predicaments of life.

Rukmini wants to escape from the impending marriage with Sisupala and somehow marry Krishna. She wishes that the Lord should take hold of her in a valiant manner. She chalks out a perfect plan for Krishna’s kidnapping act. The day before the marriage, He should arrive in Vidharbha and defeat the armies of Sisupala and Jarasandha. He should come in secret to her place and without killing any of her relatives carry her away skilfully when she is engaged in Durga puja. She has been observing austerities so that she can become His wife. If He fails to rescue her, she would give up her life.

Her message to the Lord is symbolic of the Jivatma’s longing for the Paramatma. This longing is manifest only when the truth of the Lord is explicitly etched in one’s consciousness.

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