A Jivatma is bound to Samsara by the Gunas — Satva, Rajas and Tamas. An individual remains ignorant of one’s true nature and comes under the spell of the vasanas that constitute the sense of ‘I’ and ‘Mine.’ The desire for sense objects is strong, and the tendency is to be swayed by superstitions, delusions, ego, pride, etc.

Only when the Self is able to see itself as distinct from the body that is governed by the Gunas can it direct its objective to God realisation. The Self has to be free of these traits that taint its original and pure nature.

But the Supreme Brahman is the essence of Suddha Satva that has no trace of the Gunas born of Prakriti. So one may ask how is it possible for the embodied Jivatma to seek God who seems out of reach.

In a discourse, Sri B. Sundarkumar pointed out that out of compassion for the Jivatma keen on seeking salvation, the Lord chooses to be born among the ordinary people and to live with them, thereby providing many opportunities to realise Him.

Krishna’s eventful childhood full of unique feats He performs to protect Himself from the many emissaries of Kamsa commissioned to kill Him is symbolic of the truth that it is with His help alone that the hurdles to God realisation can be overcome.

The people of Vraja have a direct experience of the infant’s extraordinary prowess to match the threats and evil designs of Putana, Chakatasura, Vatsasura or Bakasura, who come disguised in many forms and seeming superior strength. He saves the people of Vraja and their possessions from thunder and hailstorms by lifting the mountain Govardhana as a shelter for them for seven days.

The lesson to learn is that one has to trust God implicitly if one wishes to be saved form ignorance and fear. Even Brahma and Indra become susceptible to ego and go to the extent of challenging His supremacy. The Lord clears their delusions, and they experience His omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. They continue with their roles accordingly.

When a bhakta is earnest about God, his heart is filled with devotion, God Himself removes the hurdles to reach out to him.

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