The Lord’s plans are not revealed to us. Nor do we have the capacity to understand the Lord’s ways. But there is one thing we can do. We can be ready for His arrival, for we do not know when He will make an appearance, said V.S. Karunakarachariar, who went on to give some examples from the Krishna avatara, to illustrate the point. When Krishna and Balarama went to Mathura, with the intention of putting an end to Kamsa’s evil reign, they came across a washerman. Krishna’s clothes were dusty because of the long journey He had undertaken. Desirous of changing clothes, he asked the washerman to lend Him some clothes, but the man refused. If the washerman had been able to infer that he was talking to the Supreme One, he would have gladly lent Krishna some freshly washed clothes. But alas, like most of us, he lacked the capacity to discern this.

We never know in what form the Lord will come to us. But when He does, we must offer Him something. The washerman did not know this, but there was a flower seller in Mathura, who knew this and offered garlands to Krishna. Likewise, there was a lady with a hunchback, who was taking sandal paste to the palace. When she saw Krishna, she offered Him some sandal paste. Pleased with her devotion, Krishna straightened her back, made her pretty and youthful. All she had done was to have offered Him some sandal paste, but even that was enough to please the Lord.

Narayana Bhattadri, who composed the Narayaneeyam, has written movingly of the accounts of how the residents of Mathura welcomed Lord Krishna, upon His entry into the city. Bhattadri wishes he had been in Mathura at the time when Lord Krishna entered Mathura. Had he been there, he would have offered something to the Lord, and if he had done so, maybe he would not have been afflicted with paralysis, Bhattadri says.

Our offerings made with love and bhakti are accepted gladly by the Lord. All we have to do is to be ready to offer Him something according to our means. Those who have thus offered something to the Lord have been blessed. The Lord is glad to take whatever we offer Him with love and devotion.

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