The power of the Lord’s Maya has continued to baffle humanity. It poses the greatest obstacle in the path to salvation by making the attractions of the material world appear real and worthy of pursuit and thus preventing us from seeking the purpose of life.

The Lord’s many incarnations are reminders to utilise this birth to seek Him without any delay. In a lecture, Sri Jamadagni pointed out that the subtleties inherent in the conflict between good and evil are well illustrated in the eulogy of Lord Krishna by the wives of the serpent Kaliya when he was overpowered by the God’s extraordinary prowess.

Krishna confronted the poisonous Kaliya whose presence in the Yamuna river had caused the destruction of all kinds of life in the nearby areas. Kaliya chose this river since it was the only safe place for him from the chase of Garuda whom he had defied earlier. When Kaliya attacked the Lord with flaming eyes and coiled himself around Him tightly, the companions of Krishna observed evil omens and were anxious for His sake. Then the Lord freed Himself from the snake and got on to the heads of the snake and began dancing on them to subdue the serpent’s pride and arrogance.

Seeing the fall of Kaliya, his wives sought Krishna’s compassion. In their address that is rich in philosophical import, they eulogise Krishna, whom they see as the Supreme Lord who dispenses justice to one and all regardless of any preference or enmity. They accept the law of God by which any wrong act, even if it is of one’s son or enemy, has to be punished. Though Kaliya’s actions were wrong and deserved to be punished, they plead with the Lord for pardon.

Is not the power of Maya difficult to transcend and even realised souls easily succumb when in its grip? Jnana gained with difficulty can be easily lost because of Maya. When humans are born, the contact with the world makes them forget their true selves.

Deluded by the dilemma arising from worldly pulls, they are unable to exercise the option to choose good or evil in a wise manner. To be relieved of Samsara, we have to seek God’s help.


God descends to save usAugust 31, 2009

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