The Lord has the power to save us. But what we have to note is His willingness to save us. Why should He save us? Are we deserving of His kindness? Our sins are many.

In less than a minute, we commit a sin, and the nature of the sin is such that we should be punished with a sentence of crores of years in hell. Despite this, the Lord is willing to save us, if we surrender to Him. He worries over our welfare, and watches over us anxiously, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi, in a discourse.

When Sugriva sees Ravana, he is filled with fury. Not thinking of the consequences of trying to take on Ravana, Sugriva throws himself at Ravana. A fierce wrestle ensues.

When Sugriva returns to safety, Rama chides him, and says that in future Sugriva must never attempt anything so foolhardy. If Sugriva were to die, Rama would have no joy even in the rescue of Sita. Of what use is the rescuing of Sita, if He were to lose His friend, Rama asks.

The Lord comes to the earth to save the virtuous, to destroy the wicked and to establish dharma. In the Ramayana, initially Kaikeyi was fond of Rama. It was only later that her affection changed to dislike. Her change of heart played an important part in the Rama avatara, for without Kaikeyi turning against Rama, how would He have been banished to the forest? If He had not been banished to the forest, the abduction of Sita and the subsequent killing of Ravana would not have taken place. So to accomplish the purpose of the Rama avatara, Kaikeyi’s change of heart was crucial.

During the Kurukshetra war, Arjuna was reluctant to fight his kin. Krishna had to convince him that he had to do his duty and fight the Kauravas and those on their side. The Lord thus exerted Himself to establish dharma on this earth, and He did this out of concern for the welfare of the virtuous.

When Nandagopa and his clan moved to Brindavan, it was a place covered with thorny bushes. It was unfit to graze cattle. But Krishna turned the land into green pastures, thereby making it ideal to graze cattle.

The Lord has the power and the desire to protect and save His devotees.

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