Kuchela was a childhood friend of Lord Krishna. They had studied together under Sage Sandeepani. Kuchela was extremely poor, but he did not complain, because he did not attach importance to wealth, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi, in a discourse. But Kuchela’s wife Susheela wanted him to seek help from someone to ameliorate their poverty. Kuchela did not know to whom he should turn for help. His wife Susheela asked him why he should not seek the help of Krishna, his friend, who was now the King of Dwaraka. Kuchela then decided to take his wife’s advice. But he did not want to go and meet Krishna, without offering Him something. He was poor and could hardly make both ends meet. Besides, even assuming he was not poor, what could he offer a King? Anyway, he decided he would take some rice flakes, which was all he could offer to Krishna.

Krishna, despite being a king, had not forgotten Kuchela, and welcomed him heartily. Kuchela was so moved by his meeting with Krishna, that he forgot to ask Him for help relating to his material position. Krishna wanted to know what Kuchela had brought for Him and when He found that Kuchela had brought him some rice flakes, He ate a handful happily. Before He could eat some more, His consort Rukmini, held Him back, and told Him that He had had enough. Overjoyed by spending time in the company of Krishna, Kuchela departed for home. Only then he realised that he had not asked Krishna for help. When he reached his house, he saw in the place of his former humble abode, a mansion. He saw his wife clad in fine clothes, and realised that even without his asking, Krishna had blessed him. In fact, Rukmini had stopped Krishna from eating more of the rice flakes, because, had Krishna eaten more, He would have showered Kuchela with even more wealth, and too much of anything is undesirable.

The Lord is always anxious to help those who are devoted to Him. This is seen again in the case of Draupadi. He has helped Draupadi in many ways, and yet when His avatara is about to end, He is sorry that He has not done enough for her! Thus His thoughts even while departing from earth, are about His devotees.

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