Paripadal, an ancient Tamil work describes Lord Mahavishnu as the One who is inherent in the five elements, explained Sarala Rajagopalan, in a discourse. He is present within all objects. He is inside all the nine planets. He is praised in all the four yugas, namely krita yuga, treta yuga, dwapara yuga and kaliyuga. He is known as Vasudeva and has red eyes and a dark hue.

Lord Mahavishnu is an expert in the dance known as kudakoothu, where one dances balancing a pot on the head. He is a protector of cows. In fact, He is the protector of everyone. It is not easy for us to comprehend Him through our efforts. Yet He is present in the hearts of those who love Him, and He never leaves their hearts.

He is like an indestructible King. He is a great musician, who plays the musical instrument known as yazh. He adorns Himself with a garland made of tulsi leaves. He possesses a conch which never tastes defeat. His garment is golden yellow in colour. In His right hand He holds His sacred and powerful discus. He is a master in the art of wrestling. He is the Consort of the Goddess of wealth.

Everything emanates from Him and ends in Him. Thus He is the One who creates and the One who destroys. He is unapproachable to those who think of Him as their foe. He is gentle with those who love Him.

Since the Sun has its origin in Lord Mahavishnu, it shines fiercely, and has the capacity to destroy with its fierce heat, and also has the ability to get rid of our ignorance and light the path of knowledge. The Lord showers mercy upon those who worship Him. The clouds too have their origin in Lord Mahavishnu. So the clouds cause it to rain on this earth, just as He showers us with mercy. The Lord is patient and forgives us for the many sins we commit. In this respect, the Earth, which has its origin in Him, is also like Him. We dig the earth and hurt it, and yet it patiently bears us, forgiving us for our cruelty to it.

The Lord, who is the colour of the blue ocean, and who has broad shoulders, takes up residence in a woman’s womb, so that He may be born on this earth, to save us.