Our belief in the Supreme One, who took many avatars in order to save us, must be unshakeable. We should not have any doubts about His Omnipotence. There is nothing that is impossible to Him. Even things that seem impossible can be achieved by Him easily, said Navalpakkam Vasudevachariar, in a discourse.

The demons, who advised Ravana, made the mistake of underestimating Lord Rama’s prowess. They encouraged Ravana to continue along the sinful path he had chosen to take. They reminded him of his many battles and victories. They recalled how he had defeated Kubera, the God of wealth; of how he had defeated even Yama, the God of death; and even quelled Indra, the king of the celestial beings. Ravana had on his side a warrior of the calibre of Indrajit, who alone could destroy Rama’s monkey forces.

Ravana had an army that had tasted many victories. But what did Rama have at His disposal? A motley crowd of untrained monkeys! Could He defeat the invincible Ravana with this monkey army? But here the demons made a grave mistake. The monkeys by themselves could perhaps have never defeated Ravana. But they were led by Rama. Rama could transform even an indisciplined monkey force into a battle worthy one, capable of taking on the might of Ravana’s trained army. That is because, with Rama, all things are possible.

Can anyone cross the ocean the way Hanuman did? He could do so because of his belief in Rama. Just as Rama could fight the demons with the help of the monkeys, so could He build a bridge with the help of monkeys. One may wonder why He had to build a bridge to get across. It would not have been difficult for Him to get the monkeys across the ocean even without a bridge. He built the bridge for our benefit. Those who bathe in the Sethu are absolved of their sins.

Rama is the embodiment of kindness. He says that if we surrender He will definitely save us. But Krishna is even kinder. He does not make His promise along with certain conditions. He gently coaxes us and says: “Do not worry. Come and surrender”