A realised soul knows for certain that which is eternal and true. But only when this knowledge is internalised and is felt as an inner experience does he become a Jnani. For this to happen, it may take many births, says Krishna.

Only when the Paramatma swaroopa is perceived in all objects of creation is the Jnana manifest in him. Such a Brahma Jnani is very rare to come across. Krishna also points out that among thousands of human beings, maybe one makes an effort to gain this Jnana. Among those who strive thus maybe one person alone is able to realise God.

So Brahma Jnana is thus not easily attained and none can say for sure when one becomes enlightened, pointed out Sri Mani Dravid Sastrigal in a lecture. The Chandogya Upanishad refers to Vamadeva who attained this Jnana when in the womb. Prahlada too gained this knowledge while in the womb and displayed unshakable faith and Viveka against extraordinary pressure and threat to his life.

In the search for the Ultimate Truth, one is beset with doubts and confusion similar to the plight of a blindfolded person who has strayed to a far-away place and is in search of the right path to his home. In this situation, first, the bandage has to be removed and even when the person is able to see, he needs guidance from one who knows the various routes clearly and who is eligible and willing to direct the lost person home precisely.

In the case of the Jivatma in search of his moorings, the bandage of ignorance is removed by transmission of the Truth and this can be done only by those who are sure of the essence of Truth in their entire being. Such a realised person is known as a Jivanmukta who continues to live with this perception.

A Tatva Jnani plays the role of a preceptor and is a living example of Viveka and Vairagya. He is able to establish the truth that bondage is ignorance and that the atma is always free. In the Mahabharata, Bhishma tells Yudhishtira that a preceptor is superior even to the father or mother.

The preceptor’s guidance and God’s grace together can lead the deserving Jivatma through the spiritual path.

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