The Vedas say that the Supreme One is the atma of the world and that the world has Him as its atma. Anyone reading this will naturally wonder why the Vedas had to repeat the same thing in different ways. The Vedas do not say anything without reason. So if the Vedas repeat a point, then the repetition is necessary for some reason, said V.S. Karunakarachariar, in a discourse. To understand this particular point is repeated, one should look at the Valmiki Ramayana.

The scene is that of the entry of the golden deer, which attracts Sita. She says it will make a good adornment for the palace at Ayodhya. Lakshmana says that the deer must be the demon Mareecha. Rama says that if indeed the deer is a demon, then it is His duty to kill it. Rama decides to follow the deer. He leaves Sita under the care of Lakshmana and tells him to be careful of anything suspicious.

When Mareecha is felled by Rama’s arrow, the demon dies shouting out the names of Lakshmana and Sita. Sita assumes that some danger has befallen Rama, and urges Lakshmana to go to His rescue. Lakshmana does not move, and Sita accuses Lakshmana of having designs on Her. She says that he perhaps followed Rama to the forest, only because of his desire for Sita. She says She will end Her life. Lakshmana has no option but to go in search of Rama.

Ravana makes use of the absence of Rama and Lakshmana and comes in the guise of a sanyasi. Sita feels uneasy. She looks out, and here Valmiki says that neither Rama’s younger brother nor Lakshmana’s elder brother seems to be coming. Valmiki’s way of expressing himself here is rather peculiar. Why does he not state the facts simply? Valmiki’s way of expression was to show that the Lord delights in the company of His devotees, and that His devotees delight in the company of the Lord.

Coming back to the Vedas, the repetition about the world being the body of the Supreme One is to emphasise the fact that the Lord likes to be identified with reference to the world, for the world is His property, and it is an honour to the world to be referred to as His body.

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