Devotees are immersed in love for the Lord and He has equal love for them, Kidambi Narayanan said in a lecture.

Periazhvar was called Vishnu Chitha, and what a wonderful name that is! It makes it clear that he was in perennial thought of Mahavishnu.

The Lord was in Periazhvar's thoughts and Periazhvar was in His thoughts. Such is the mutual love between devotees and the Lord.

There are many examples of those whose concern for the Lord is legendary.

Vatsya Varadacharya, also known as Nadadur ammal, was one such. He would serve porridge to Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram every day. He was anxious that the porridge was not so hot as to hurt the Lord's tongue. So he would touch the porridge to make sure it was just right, before offering it to the Lord. His concern for the Lord was like that of a mother. That is why the Lord addressed him as “ammal,” meaning mother.

Sabari was another who looked upon the Lord as a mother would look upon her son. She offered Rama fruits, but she wanted to make sure that the ones she offered were ripe and sweet. So she would taste them before offering them to the Lord.

Lord Rama gladly accepted her humble offerings, because in her concern, Sabari was like a mother.

In days of yore, kings had people who would try on any new garments to make sure that the fit was perfect, and the quality of the cloth was good, before approving the garment for royal use.

Likewise, Sabari tested the quality of the fruits, before she offered them to Lord Rama.

The Lord partakes of what is offered and asks Sabari if she is happy with her service to her acharya. Sabari not only served Rama but also her acharya devotedly.

Devotees are pleased when the Lord accepts their offerings. They look forward to eating what the Lord has tasted.

Periazhvar prays for the garland that the Lord has worn and now removed. But the Lord Himself is happy not with a fresh garland but is happy only when He wears the one worn by Andal. Like the devotee thinks of the Lord and melts for Him, the Lord too melts for him.

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