Our sins are many, and the chances of our getting out of the cycle of births and deaths do seem remote. But it is not so for the one who has surrendered totally at the feet of the Supreme One. Once we surrender to Him, through an Acharya, His anger against us subsides. In fact, His kindness is so overwhelming, that He is always ready to look for even the slightest excuse to save us. But the Lord’s Consort is even more merciful than the Lord, said M.K. Srinivasan in a discourse.

After Ravana was killed in the battle, Hanuman went to meet Sita, to convey the good news to Her. The demonesses there were the ones who had been put on guard. They had teased Sita and treated Her badly, because that was what their master had expected of them. Hanuman, therefore, wanted to take his revenge on them. He suggested to Sita that he be allowed to give them the punishment they deserved. But Sita told Hanuman that the demonesses were only servants, who had carried out the orders of their master. What else could they have done? From Sita’s words, it was clear that She had already forgiven them. Her kindness would have been justified, if the demonesses had surrendered to Her.

But the truth was that they had not. What had actually happened was that the demoness Trijata had had a dream. In the dream she had seen Rama victorious. She had narrated the dream to the other demonesses, and told them that they would be spared if they surrendered to Sita. The demonesses did not actually act upon Trijata’s advice. And yet, Sita forgave them. Why?

The reason was because they had listened to Trijata’s suggestion that surrender was the only means of salvation for them. The mere act of listening was enough for Sita to forgive them and insist that Hanuman leave them alone.

Rama was merciful too. But His mercy did not come as easily as Sita’s. Vibhishana left behind everything — family and wealth, and came to Rama. And yet Rama made him wait, before accepting him. Kakasura ran round all the worlds, before he finally reached Rama’s feet and was saved. Sita was the all forgiving Mother and was more merciful than the Lord Himself.

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