Spiritual guide and mentor Master Del Pe says professional success is not complete without social and spiritual fulfilment

A martial arts champion, a spiritual guide and global mentor, Master Del Pe motivates people to cope with several issues related to their social, spiritual and professional life. The American author was in the Capital recently to launch his new book “From Success To Fulfilment”. Excerpts from an interview:

You are called a “life mentor and modern sage”. What does that mean?

I mentor many people internationally regarding their five key areas of life and how they can balance their family life, career, health, social and spiritual life. Most need my guidance to unblock their problems and transform their success into self-fulfilment.

I train them with modern versions of ancient enlightenment tools and wisdom which I had personally learned from my four spiritual mentors, who themselves are advanced sages from the Eastern and Himalayan lineages. Many perceived my expertise in different lines depending on what they want to learn. I teach my international students yoga of synthesis, more than a dozen types of meditation, modern internal martial arts, energy medicine, esoteric science or even global leadership.

What is your strategy to call people towards life balance, will power development and success?

There are five key areas of life that need to be satisfied and balanced. Most people would either focus on their career or family. Today, corporate consultants talk about work-life balance but only focus on work and family. The more complete model is to include social life and contribution, health and spiritual life. When one can prioritise these five key areas of life, they are ready for a life path.

In your training, you combine Eastern and Western philosophies. What have you learnt from both of them?

I was born in an Asian lineage but had been educated by the European missionaries, particularly the German, Dutch, Swiss and Belgian Christian bunch. But I got my mastery and training in martial arts through the Japanese karate and became a Master when I was 23 and promoted to a chief sensei one year later.

I got my spiritual training from the trans-Himalayan masters from India, Nepal and Tibet.

Two of my other advanced mentors are from Chinese and Filipino lineages. The Eastern system is the source of my inner inspiration and wisdom philosophies.

On the other hand, my engineering education is carved from the mentality and system of the West. My entrepreneurial training and exposure is from the United States. My social life and sense of fun is also positively contaminated by the Latin culture.

Therefore, I can say that living in many cultures, gave me an understanding of global diversity, which today I teach to corporate leaders. I don't think about East and West anymore. I think global, adopting the best of different traditions and beauty of cultures.