Lord Krishna stole butter, and the hearts of the Gopikas. His flute playing was so attractive that it drew the Gopikas to His side.

It is said that the moment He started playing, four lakh Gopikas ran to His side, abandoning whatever they were doing. Koorathazhvar said that while others might believe that He went to Gokula to steal butter, he would not believe it.

He knew that Krishna's aim was to steal the hearts of the Gopikas. Krishna had magnetic charm, said Kidambi Narayanan in a discourse.

As He played His flute, Krishna would shake His head in tune with the music; as He did so, the peacock feather on His head would sway from side to side, adding to His charm.

When a fruit-seller vending jamun fruits is heard on the road, Krishna runs into the house. He picks up a handful of some grains of rice in his palms and makes His way to the entrance of Nandagopa's house.

Nandagopa lives in a huge house, where the inside of the house is considerably removed from the entrance. So it takes Krishna a while to run this distance with His little feet. He is unable to hold the grains in His little hands; as He runs along, they scatter all over the place. By the time He reaches the entrance of the house, there is nothing left in His hands. He asks the old lady selling fruits if He can have some fruits, in exchange for the rice grains He has brought.

He then opens His palms only to find them empty. But who can resist Krishna'a charm? The old lady says she will let Him have the fruits free, without anything in return. Who but Krishna can so steal into our hearts?

And if the toddler Krishna is so attractive, imagine how attractive the baby Krishna must have been.

Vedanta Desika says that as He crawled, He would slip every now and then, and fall flat on the ground. That is because He, as the Consort of Bhoo Devi, wants to embrace Her; He is doing so by falling on the ground and covering the ground with His hands. Thus even baby Krishna's crawling has deep meaning. Seeing Krishna's beauty puts people in a trance.

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