Knowledge of God sparks love and devotion to Him. The more one thinks of His infinite glory, the more one becomes closer to him. That is why sacred texts and spiritual preceptors have emphasised the need for the association with the pious that creates an atmosphere of staying connected to God, pointed out Swami Gautamananda in a lecture. The strange quality of spiritual growth is that as love for God increases in our consciousness, we get weaned away from our attachment to worldly objects, just as travelling towards west takes one farther away from the east. When there is less attachment, the obstacles to spiritual growth are also less.

Sri Ramakrishna used to say that we should understand that we are born into this world to live in it; but we should not get attached to it. As long as we think that objects, places and possessions as belonging exclusively to us, we get caught in the world of Samsara. Only when we are able to give up this sense of I and Mine, can we be released from this Samsara. If on the other hand, we understand that all what we think as ours is given to us by the grace of the Almighty, we have less obstacles on our way.

It is easier for a dweller in a rented house to vacate it, since he remains detached to it; but it is not so with an owner of a house who would struggle with the sentimental hold or sense of possessiveness towards it in a similar situation. When all thoughts are with God then there remains only love for God. Raga is attachment to the world. We get rid of this attachment for worldly objects (Vairagya) when the love for God increases.

Hanuman exemplifies the true devotee who is always steeped in thoughts of Lord Rama. His selfless devotion helps him to accomplish all what was expected of him as a messenger. He was able to overcome the obstacles that came in his way by his faith. He knew the demands of the role of a messenger and tackled the enemy power with intelligence and tact.

The name of the Lord has the power to purify us of our sins. Hence the advice to utter the name of the Lord with sincerity and faith.

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