It needs a mature outlook to accept that none can hope to lead a carefree life since all occurrences in one’s life are the consequences of each one’s past karma. But if one surrenders to God’s grace, these ups and downs become tolerable. In Kunti’s view, adversities are opportunities to experience God’s closeness, and she exemplifies the mind-set of a true devotee where faith and love coexist, Swami Paramasukhananda said in a lecture.

It is time for Krishna to depart from Hastinapura and He takes leave of the Pandavas. Krishna had revived the race of the Kurus and placed Yudhishtira on the throne of Hastinapura. He had protected the Pandavas from the Brahmastra aimed by Asvathama to eliminate their race. With His divine power, He also protected the foetus in Uttara’s womb, the only heir to the Pandava lineage. The Pandavas are unable to bear the separation.

Kunti breaks forth into a hymn eulogising Krishna, whom she sees both as her nephew and the very Supreme Lord celebrated in the Vedas. The Supreme Being takes birth time and again to save the Jivatmas from their miserable plight in Samsara. His Maya is inscrutable and yet in His form as Krishna the Lord makes Himself accessible to simple people like her. His supremacy is cloaked in His childishness and the people of Vraja were able to mingle with Him easily. Kunti finds she is unable to adequately express her gratitude to Krishna for the countless ways in which He has helped them tide over the dangers they faced. She sees the grace of the Lord in every predicament they faced and how He intervened to resolve each of them. This insight shapes her attitude towards the extreme and difficult situations she faces in life.

Not many are aware of the identity of the Lord during His incarnations, says Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. He also makes it clear that only a few devoted and realised souls understand the Divine presence in human form. Sages Vasishta, Vishwamitra and a few others knew Rama as the Supreme Lord incarnate. Likewise, Bhishma, Kunti, Vyasa, Vidhura and a few others recognised the Lord in Krishna, while many such as Duryodhana saw Him as a mere magician and no more.

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