Realised souls experience the ineffable greatness of the Supreme Brahman, the Lord of creation who inheres in even its smallest atom as much as in its greatest extent. They are aware that this God principle is the fulcrum around which the entire universe functions.

This fundamental truth, termed the “king of secrets” by Lord Krishna, is the only meaningful knowledge worth pursuing, said Srimati Sunanda in a discourse. Implicit faith in His teaching alone can help one gain access to this divine mystery, whose mystical quality transcends the rational approach of human beings who strive to understand the world through the body, mind and intellect.

Krishna explains to Arjuna the notion of the ultimate reality as the origin, ground and goal of all manifestations. The entire universe is the Lord’s eternal form which is not fully manifest to the senses. All aspects of creation, animate and inanimate, exist in the Lord though He remains outside the creation. It is shown that this divine reality is the inner Self in all creation, including each and every aspect of individual thought, word and deed. The endless cycle of birth and death of countless beings of varied nature is sustained by Him through His Maya or Prakriti, though the Lord Himself is aloof and has no physical connection to any of them. The Lord may take a human form for specific purposes; but He does so out of His own will or sankalpa and not because of Karma as is the case with other beings. The ignorant are not aware of the Lord’s manifestation in human form and of His infinite majesty. But the realised souls in their wisdom perceive Him to be the ultimate cause of all creation and worship Him with devotion.

When the nature of the inner Self as the essence of sat-chit-ananda is realised, it is freed from the limitations of time, place and other worldly concerns and is able to experience its innate permanent quality.

Krishna emphasises this truth to Arjuna and shows how humans become restless and fatigued in their search for happiness from worldly objects. If the search is directed inward, dissociating oneself from worldly attractions, knowledge will mature into wisdom leading to peace.

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