While human beings might, on occasion, show us mercy, their mercy comes with a price. They may expect something in return.

But Lord Srinivasa gives, expecting nothing in return but our love, and therefore when we ask for His mercy, we should ask humbly, said Valayapet Ramachariar.

For instance, if a beggar comes to our doorstep and says he has not had proper food for a long time, we will have pity on him, and offer him something to eat. But if the same man addresses us arrogantly and says that we are greedy people with no concern for others, and that our money could not have been earned through legitimate means, we will be angry with him, and turn him away. Or if the beggar asks for food or help in a demanding manner, we will not be inclined to help. The one who asks must ask in a humble manner.

In the same way, when we ask the Lord for His mercy, we must ask humbly. We are not asking for something perishable like food or money, but for the Almighty's grace, which is everlasting, and is given unstintingly. Keeping this in mind, we must humble ourselves before Him.

There must always be a reason to help a person. If the one asking for help is undeserving of help, will we help him? If he is arrogant, we will not help him. If he doubts our capacity to help, we will feel insulted, and again, in this case too, we will not help him. We are people who constantly doubt everything, including God's grace.

If we have such doubts about the Omnipotent, will He be inclined to help us? So we must approach Him without doubting His capacity to show us mercy. We must not wonder if Lord Srinivasa can help.

We must not doubt whether He will help. We must realise that His mercy cannot be quantified.

We must realise that the only thing that stands in the way of His mercy is our pride. If we do not oppose Him, but have love towards Him, He will save us. Getting rid of our ego, we must surrender at His feet. He will then show us kindness and mercy and grant us moksha.

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