Rajalakshmi Vittal continues her mission drawing strength from the support of Paramacharya’s devotees.

The article, ‘At the service of Periyava’ published in this supplement (September 22, 2012) drew a huge response with devotees contributing their mite to the cause. Rajalakshmi Vittal, who has undertaken the task of building a temple for Sri Lalitha and an ashram thanks all those who have expressed solidarity and come forward to help her.

“It has not been possible for me to write and thank each and every one of them. I am overwhelmed by their affection and wish to thank them. Periyava’s grace will bless them,” she said recently. “With their good wishes the project should be completed.”

The benevolence of people has given a start to the project of Sri Jagadguru Kanchi Maamunivar Charitable Trust. Foundation has been laid and basement built. Sthapati Selvanathan has drawn up a sketch and is ready to begin work on the superstructure once funds are raised for the next stage. Work on the parnasala for senior citizens is on too. The Ashram is located at 4/305, Aiyan Canal South Bank, Kollidam north Bank, Madhava Perumal temple, Nochiam, Tiruchi 621216.

“I know it is an ambitious project but it has to be completed. Periyava has started this and he will take care of the proceedings. I’m a mere puppet,” says an optimistic Rajalakshmi Maami. “At every stage he has made his presence felt. His devotees are spread all over the world and they will help the cause.”

Of concern, however, is her health. Recently hospitalised for exhaustion, her need at the moment seems to be physical support. Individuals, ready to spend their time in helping her with running the affairs of the ashram are welcome. “Her day begins at 3 a.m. She cooks for the children of the patasala and the inmates of the ashram, takes care of the cow shelter, supervises the construction, keeps track of the accounts, all this with the phone constantly ringing. She has undergone surgeries and it is a miracle she is able to do so much work. She desperately needs assistance,” says her son, who has decided to divide his time between Coimbatore and Tiruchi.

But the septuagenarian laughs away the blues. “Why should this task be entrusted to me, an ordinary human being with no wealth? When my anxious husband expressed misgivings about the venture, I told him, ‘this is Periyava’s dream; he has chosen me; he will execute it.’ I maintain that stand. Yes, help is most welcome. I’m sure Mahaperiyava will send some likeminded people for the purpose. They will be taken good care of. The temple should be built and Lalitha Parameswari installed.”

But that is not all. Maami is planning the deity’s coronation. “Samrajya Pattabishekam for Ambal was again visualised by Paramacharya. A golden Srichakra beneath the peetam will produce the vibrations and enhance the power of the Empress, who alone can counter the violence that seems to be rocking the world.”

Meanwhile, the Trust is planning celebration of Paramacharya’s 120 jayanti on May 25 in a grand manner. The events begin on May 15. Cultural and spiritual programmes will mark the 10-day celebration. Sri Maha Ganapati homam at 6 a.m. will give the auspicious start to the programmes on May 25. Navagraha homam, abishekam to Maha Periyava and deeparadana will be followed by annadana. The Trust welcomes contribution in kind or cash for the celebration. Contact 9443370605 and 9486831081.

“The ashram has divine vibration and Maami is doing amazing work,” says Selvanathan Sthapati of Vaidyanatha Sthapati Associates. “Taking into account Mahaperiyava’s star, location of the place, vaastu and other details a plan has been drawn up. The temple and the other structures together will make Shanti Ashram a special destination,” he adds.