When the Lord takes an incarnation, He conforms to all the constraints that this demands and does not seek concession on the grounds of His supremacy.

This is exemplified in Rama avatar with Rama declaring that He considers Himself as a mere human being and displays the gamut of emotions and actions, albeit on an evolved plane, as brought out by Sri Sankara Rama Dikshitar in a discourse.

When Sita is taken away, Rama gives vent to the pangs of separation of a loving and devoted husband. Advised by Kabandha, a celestial being cursed by Indra to become a monstrous rakshasa for his misdeeds, Rama and Lakshmana reach the Pampa lake in their search.

Kabandha suggests the befriending of Sugriva, the prince of monkeys who lives in Rishyamuka hill in fear of his brother Vali. Sugriva perceives the roving visitors in hermit garb and fears that this might be a ploy of Vali to identify and kill him. He directs Hanuman to assume the form of a brahmachari and meet the newcomers and find out their intent.

With perfect courtesy and reverence, Hanuman tries to elicit information on the pair radiating a certain divinity. He also projects the plight of Sugriva whom he serves as a minister. Sugriva leads the life of a fugitive, always fearing for his life against the persecution of an antagonistic Vali, says Hanuman, adding that friendship with Rama will certainly be gainful for all. Impressed with his honesty and adorable manner of marshalling and presenting facts, Rama bids Lakshmana to extend their hands of friendship.

The Lord indeed is determined to keep His supremacy under wraps.

But Lakshmana is unable to reconcile to the fact that Rama, who is the true refuge for all beings, should now seek refuge in Sugriva. With tears in his eyes, he recounts the story of Rama and how their fortunes now faced a low due to quirk of circumstances. They were now facing exile and sorrow, bereft of Sita. Truly human emotions. The devout Hanuman recognises Rama’s paratva and like a true messenger briefs Sugriva of the inherent greatness of the visitors. His assessment is appreciated by Sugriva.

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