Life is a mix of joy and happiness. The realised person is neither elated nor dejected by the turns in life. He learns to live in a detached manner and gives only the necessary significance and importance to the material aspects of life. Dhruva's life too was beset with such turns but he understood that difficulties or good times come whether expected or not.

When the worldview is based on ignorance, the sense of I and Mine and the leanings towards one's body and material belongings will be dominant. Dhruva did not yield to these feelings because of his good nature, pointed out Sri B. Damodhara Dikshitar in a lecture. Dhruva saw life as a temporary feature and this makes bondage and misfortune become non-existent.

After he returned from seeing the Lord, he paid obeisance to his step-mother without any feeling of remorse even though she had treated him with marked partiality. Surichi repented for her behaviour and understood Dhruva's basic good nature and appreciated his good qualities. Traits such as friendship, happiness, compassion and contentment or the hallmarks of the magnanimous.

His brother Uthaman was killed by the Yakshas. Suruchi, who went in search of him died in the forest fire.

Dhruva was determined to take revenge on the Yakshas. But he refrained from vengeance after he was advised against it. The lord of Yakshas, Kubera, commended his mature approach and blessed him.

After a long reign, Dhruva wishes to seek God's feet and spend the rest of his time in devotional service to God. He renounces his kingdom and goes to the Himalayas to do penance. At the end of his life-term, Vishnu's attendants come to fetch him to his special abode.

The lord of Death hastened to this scene to pay respects to this pure soul, Dhruva. Death bowed his head so that Dhruva could mount the divine chariot that remained suspended above the ground. Dhruva then remembered his mother and did not want to go without her. The divine attendants assured Dhruva that his mother was already on her way to the heavenly abode.

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