Décor makes for an integral part of the Christmas celebration

It is Christmas time and the spirits are definitely high. Every shop, every lounge, every eatery is decked up creating the spirit of Christmas. Households too are not lagging behind. But this season there is more to Christmas décor than the star and the colourful tree decorations. This year, the white Christmas tree has made a comeback, and a newer addition to the various Christmas trees already available are the fibre optic trees.

You don't have to worry about hanging the twinkling lights to the fibre optic Christmas trees. Plug in and the end of each needle leaf of the tree glows in innumerable colours. These fibre optic Christmas trees can even rotate. At a shop selling exclusive stuff for parties in General Bazaar, the collection is mind blowing. Besides catering to all pockets, it also caters to decorations of all types and sizes to suit the space available in our homes. What are selling as hot cakes are the soft, washable Christmas trees available in various sizes.

White Christmas trees are available in a few select outlets in Banjara Hills. The collection of Christmas decorations at an upscale store in Banjara Hills is different from what is available otherwise and is also meant for those who are willing to spend a few hundreds more. They have bells and stars decorated with sequins, tiny ceramic dolls and other Christmas tree ornaments like glass balls. The collection of stars are too are unusual. They have stars made of handmade paper in various colours. But what catches the eye are the ones in white.

The decorative options are not restricted to the trees alone. There is equally stunning stuff for doing up the house, doors, tables, ceiling and the windows. The strings in gold and silver for the door and the rooms come with tiny trinkets that make that jingling sound at the slightest whiff of wind. If you don't mind a little more noise, go for the slightly bigger ones. For those who like a simple Christmas tree, there are the strings that come along with tiny decorative beads attached to it. All one needs to do is wind it around the tree.

The traditional wreaths are also a must check-out. Close to the original ones, the wreaths in party shops at General Baazar are also a good gift option. Or ask them for the Santa on the moon. This cute piece makes for a wonderful children's room décor. One can give traditional bells a miss this year and look at something different. .

Most places don't stock the stocking but the Santa cap is everywhere. Try the cap with the Santa mask. It comes with the silver curly beard. And if your kid still insists on the stocking, try looking for them at certain bookstores. Candles are an integral part of Christmas. The ones in a home furnishing shop will be an obvious choice. The scented ones in glass bowls might be a little expensive but the one in your home will also be the attention grabber.

And if you have mistletoe on your mind… then in some places it might be safe to mention it as Christmas grapes.


Oh, Christmas tree!December 22, 2009