The Puranas state that the wedding of Srinivasa and Padmavati that took place in the 28th Kali Yuga is linked to the Ramayana.

The story goes that Padmavati is Vedavati who belongs to Krita Yuga when her father sage Kushadwaja wanted to give her in marriage to Narayana, pointed out Sri V. Karunakarachariar in a discourse. But this did not happen and Vedavati began severe penance to wed Narayana. She faced hurdles once again because Ravana desired her and to thwart his wishes, she entered fire cursing him that he would meet his end because of a woman. Since then she lived in Agni loka waiting for a suitable time and chance to wed Narayana.

In Treta Yuga, before Sita is abducted, both Rama and Sita, in anticipation of the trying times that are to follow, propitiate the Agni worshipped in their hermitage in Panchavati and seek his assistance. Sita turns to Agni for help when Ravana corners her. Agni takes her to his abode and instead brings Vedavati in Sita’s form to Ravana’s presence. So it is Vedavati who is carried to Lanka and kept in captivity.

After the killing of Ravana, Rama refuses to accept Sita and speaks harsh words that surprise and shock the entire assembly.

‘How can He accept her who had stayed in Ravana’s place for ten months? His dharma does not permit this. He released her from captivity to absolve himself of any blame on that count. He did not fight Ravana to live with her again.’

So Sita enters the fire to prove her chastity. Agni himself is unable to bear the heat of Sita’s chastity. He brings forth two Sitas who are visible to Rama. Agni explains to Rama that Sita had been safe in his custody and how Vedavati had been sent by him as a substitute for her. He entreats Rama to accept her along with Sita as it would be a fitting gesture of gratitude. He adds that Vedavati has been waiting to marry Narayana for many years. Rama states that this is not possible since He is committed to the vow of a single wife in this incarnation. But He promises her that He will marry her when He incarnates as Srinivasa and she as Padmavati in Kali Yuga.

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