Sastras prescribe dos and don’ts for the Jivatma to lead a virtuous life on earth and thereby seek salvation. All our actions have their results. What is the point of repenting later after making the mistake? Just as a thief cannot escape the consequence of his act, the evil force that our bad deeds bring on us cannot be bypassed. We should not eat without offering to God and accept whatever we have as His grace. We should strive to earn money only through honest means. If we ignore these values, we will have to face the sorrow accruing from our bad deeds.

Yet, it is an irony that the tendency to hesitate to do those things that ought to be done (especially those which Sastras prescribe) and an enthusiasm to indulge in those acts which Sastras do not permit, strongly prevails. The human mind is very powerful and is the seat generating all these different attitudes in individuals.

Such being the case, it is important for us to seek divine grace to help us develop the right attitude to make our lives meaningful, pointed out Sringeri Jagadguru Sri Sri Bharati Tirta Mahaswamiji in his lecture. We should pray to God to help us not to disregard the Sastras.

The Divine Mother promises to protect the Jivatma. She takes it upon Herself to keep up Her word and engages to accomplish this tirelessly. Her promise is absolute and the Jivatma is fortunate to be thus protected by Her. She has the same love towards all. There is no prejudice in this matter. The Devi Bhagavatam reveals Her infinite grace and Her power to quell evil forces. She is the epitome of compassion.

Adi Sankara assigns the highest status to the Divine Mother in Soundarya Lahari when even in the very first verse he praises Her unequalled greatness. She is described as Siva’s Shakti — the superior force which is the cause of the universe. The unique oneness of Siva and Shakti is celebrated as a mystical union.

Our prayer to the Goddess should be that She should help us adhere to the tenets of the Sastras. It is with Her guidance that we can control the mind that is always restless and is noted for its fickle nature. With Her grace we need to develop faith and devotion to Her at all times.

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