Liberation from samsara is not easy to attain. First of all, we must be free of desires. But we are unable to give up our desires totally. We have small desires, and we are anxious that these desires must be fulfilled. Lord Siva treats all worldly desires as the trifles that they indeed are, for He knows that these desires of ours will do us no good. But the Goddess Sakthi is more understanding of our frailties. She knows that although we may have the intention of seeking liberation, we are also going to crave worldly things. So, kind Mother that She is, She grants us our desires and slowly guides us along the right path.

Her beauty is such that it drew even lord Siva from His penance. It is said in the Mooka Panchasati that She wandered on the banks of the river Kampa. There was a reason for this. It is on riverbanks that sages did penance, and this further sanctified these places. But the Goddess, who roamed the banks of the river, will take up residence in the hearts of human beings, if their hearts are pure. We cannot win Her grace by costly offerings. But if we have pure thoughts, She is automatically pleased, and showers Her mercy on us, said Goda Venkateswara Sastrigal, in a discourse.

Lord Siva burns the stoola sareera (gross body), the kaarana sareera (causal body) and the sookshma sareera (subtle body). He does this so that we may realise Him. He thus gives us gnana. But the Divine Mother grants us our worldly desires and also then takes us towards liberation. While human beings may give us what pleases the senses alone, the Goddess makes us think of our atma, and not think of that which pleases the senses alone. She does give us what we desire on this Earth, but She also shows us the path to liberation. She recommends to the Lord to grant us liberation and gets for us His grace. Once we obtain Her grace, liberation is guaranteed to us. Therefore even to think of Her, one must have performed good deeds, for the very thought of Her will eventually lead us on the right path. Her effulgence and radiance attracted even Lord Siva. She is the One who fulfils our desires just by casting Her glance on us.

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