The role of destiny is nowhere better exemplified than in the dramatic turn of events in Ayodhya on the eve of the coronation of Lord Rama. When it looked as if things were well set and even Kaikeyi rejoiced in this happy occasion, it only took a few minutes of persuasive and clever talk by Manthara to bring about a complete change of heart in Kaikeyi, pointed out Sri M. V. Ananatapadmanabhachariar in a lecture. In fact, a joyous Kaikeyi had offered Manthara one of her jewels to celebrate the happy occasion.

But Manthara, feigning to seek Kaikeyi's welfare, took up the cause of Bharata to rouse the mother's instinct in her and also began to fan the flame of jealousy against Kausalya. Thus prompted, Kaikeyi manoeuvred not merely the kingdom for Bharata but also sent Lord Rama to the forest for 14 years.

In Lord Rama's reactions to this predicament is a realistic co-presence of both the human and the divine. When Kaikeyi informs Him of the impending changes in Ayodhya, He remains unruffled. He tells her that He is not enamoured of wealth and that He stands for righteousness. His aim is to serve His father's wishes at all times and that He would have willingly given the kingdom to Bharata even if she had asked Him directly. He would go to the forest after bidding farewell to His mother and also after consoling Sita.

When He is ready to leave along with Sita and Lakshmana, Kaikeyi offers the bark garments to Sita as well. Sage Vasishta intervenes and reprimands Kaikeyi for her harshness. Sita did not fall within the purview of the banishment order and did not deserve the hermit's outfit. Since Sita was resolute in her wish to accompany Lord Rama, the sage ordered that she should be decorated with royal garments, ornaments and accessories. The same Lord Rama breaks down when Sita is carried away by the demon Viradha and gives vent to His anger against Kaikeyi. He even exclaims that this misfortune must be the result of one of the prime wishes of Kaikeyi. Not content with securing the kingdom for Bharata, she had to send Him to the forests to bear the hardships there.

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