When scientists tell us how the Universe came into existence and talk of the Big Bang theory, we do not ask too many questions they cannot answer. We know that questions can be endless and we have to stop at some point, in order that there should be explanations. Why can’t we accept what our religious scriptures tell us, without raising doubts all the time? We should realise that God’s existence must be discerned, and stop demanding proof, said K. Sambandan. He can be discerned only through bhakti.

Saiva Siddhanta says the world came from that which can no longer be split, or from that which is incapable of further division. This is the Lord’s ability to create, sustain and destroy. He is sorry that atmas have pride. He wants to bring them out of their pride and ignorance. So He creates a world, gives them a body, gives them experiences in this world and, finally after several births, gives them the safety of His feet.

But how do we know He exists is a persistent question that non-believers will raise. An analogy is worth considering to explain how God exists but cannot be revealed on demand. When scientists tell us that water from oceans evaporates and makes clouds moisture-bearing, we believe them. We do not ask them to show us water evaporating. We do not say the whole theory is wrong just because we cannot actually see water vapour rising. We accept their explanation.

Why then do we not accept the explanation of philosophers that God exists, but cannot be shown, just to convince a person who doubts His existence? If a person believes in God and begins to love Him, he will realise that He exists inside everyone and in every object — movable and immovable.

Thirunavukkarasar is an example of a person who was obsessed with love for Lord Siva. He cries out in one verse, in which he imagines himself to be a girl in love with the Lord, that when he saw Siva, he forgot his name, parents, relatives, in short, everything in this world, and became a slave to Lord Siva. Bowing at His feet was the only thing Thirunavukkarasar was interested in.

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