The Mahakumbabishekam of Sri Kalikambal temple, Chennai, took place on Wednesday, January 23. Hundreds of devotees had gathered to witness the consecration of the Rajagopuram and the vimanam of the Moolavar. Thousands visited the temple during the day.

The Sivacharyar Trust with Sri Vageesa, Swami Sadasivam, Sri Kalidas, Sri Shanmugam, Sri Karthik and Sri Subbaraya Pillai as members and the trustees of the temple had made extensive arrangements for the event. The first phase of the consecration took place on January 17. Grandeur marked everything associated with the occasion and a highlight was flowers showered from a helicopter as holy water was poured over the kalasams.

About 25,000 people had a feast after the kumbabishekam. Food was served to the inmates of orphanages and homes for destitutes in the city. The Sivacharyar Trust in fact is engaged in several social welfare activities such as distribution of clothes, text books, medicine, etc. The physically disabled are provided with appropriate vehicles and the poor are helped with marriage expenses.