Balarama and Krishna graced the city of Dwaraka for many years, and Dwaraka to this day remains a holy place of pilgrimage, said M.V. Anantapadmanabhachariar, in a discourse.

King Saryati boasted to his son Aanarta about his prowess. Aanarta told him not to boast, for it was by God’s grace that he had been given such a position in life. Angered, Saryati told Aanarta to leave the kingdom and live in a kingdom which God gave him (Aanarta).

But Saryati ruled the whole world. So where could Aanarta go? Aanarta then did penance. His penance was blessed by the ocean separating and land being created for him. Aanarta now had a kingdom to call his own and it was named Aanarta desa. In this family came Revata, whose daughter was Revati.

When Revati attained marriageable age, Revata took her to Brahma Loka to consult Brahma regarding a suitable groom. But Brahma was not able to meet them at once and so they had to wait.

When finally Brahma did meet them, they told him that they had been waiting for a few years. Brahma then told them that a few years in Brahma Loka were equal to some yugas in the time of the Earth. So, all the eligible grooms for Revati would have left the world long ago. But he also told Revata that Balarama and Krishna would soon be born and that at a suitable time, Revata could give his daughter in marriage to Balarama. Thus, it was that Revati wedded Balarama.

When the Syamantaka gem belonging to Satrajit was lost, Lord Krishna went in search of it. A fight ensued between Krishna and Jambavan. When Jambavan realised who he was fighting with, regretted his haste, and gave his daughter Jambavati in marriage to Krishna and Krishna returned to Dwaraka with Jambavati and also the gem. Satrajit then gave his daughter Satyabhama in marriage to Krishna.

When the time came for his departure, Balarama went into the ocean, for he was the avatar of Adisesha, Lord Narayana’s bed. When the time came for Krishna to end His avatar, He gave the assurance that He would always be present in Dwaraka, to save those who sought refuge in Him.

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