Those who say we have no pride are the ones who are the least humble. If we have no pride, we do not have to proclaim it; people will be aware of it. The very fact that we choose to say we are not proud shows that we want to be praised for our humility.

Brahma had the knowledge of the Vedas, yet he had pride. Imagine how much more pride ordinary people will have, Panasai Aruna said, narrating how Brahma was taught a lesson by Lord Subrahmanya.

The celestials are unable to bear the torments the demon Soorapadman inflicted on them. So they go to Lord Siva and appeal to Him for help. The Lord knows when to save and how, and yet the celestials complain to Him.

The Lord, however, reveals Himself as Somaskanda. In other words, He shows Himself with Parvati and Subrahmanya by His side. All the celestials greet Lord Subrahmanya and pay Him their respects. Brahma arrives too. When He arrives, Lord Subrahmanya is playing. Brahma goes in to meet Siva, without first paying his respects to Subrahmanya. Having worshipped Siva, he leaves, ignoring Subrahmanya. Subrahmanya is angered by Brahma’s pride. He wants to show him that Siva and Subrahmanya are both to be worshipped, and it is wrong to treat one with respect and the other with indifference.

Lord Subrahmanya asks Brahma if he knows the Vedas. Brahma answers in the affirmative. Then, Lord Subrahmanya asks Brahma if he knows the meaning of the Pranava Mantra. Brahma answers that he does not. Lord Subrahmanya laughs at the reply and wonders how Brahma can claim the knowledge of the Vedas, if he does not know the meaning of the Pranava mantra.

Subrahmanya decides to teach Brahma a lesson and imprisons Brahma. With Brahma behind bars, there is no one to create. The celestials appeal to Lord Siva, who sends Nandi to Subrahmanya asking him to release Brahma, but Subrahmnaya refuses. Finally, Lord Siva Himself goes to Subrahamanya and asks Him to release Brahma and Subrahmanya pays heed to His father. Thus Brahma is humbled by Lord Subrahmanya.

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