Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that He appears on earth to save His devotees, and asks Arjuna to try and understand His avataras. Among the Lord’s many avataras, those of Rama and Krishna are considered the most perfect. And although Rama is praised for His obedience and Krishna is seen more as a disobedient child, the truth is that Krishna was an even more obedient child than Rama. When Krishna was born in the jail, where Kamsa had put Vasudeva and Devaki, He appeared with four hands. Krishna’s father Vasudeva requested Krishna to hide two of the four hands He manifested upon His birth, and Krishna obeyed instantly. Has there ever been an instance of a just born infant being obedient? Thus Krishna does not lag behind Rama when it comes to obeying His parent. So contemplating on the Krishna avatara is advised.

If among the Lord’s avataras, Krishna is seen as the best avatara, even in this avatara, some of His deeds assume grater importance than others. His dance on the hood of the snake fills one with awe. His slaying of Putana, even when He was an infant, also is of the same nature. He pleases everyone with His flute playing. But there is one prank of His, which if understood, will reveal to us His most important characteristic, said Kidambi Narayanan, in a discourse. That is the episode of Yasoda tying Him up. Yasoda was an unlettered simple woman. She knew nothing about Karma yoga or gnana yoga. She knew nothing about the atma. And yet the One who cannot be understood through gnana, or dhyana, He who is without beginning or end, He who is everywhere, He who cannot be destroyed, such a One allowed Yasoda to tie Him up. If we understand the significance of this episode and through it His love for His devotees, then we can be rid of repeated births. In other words, such an understanding will enable us to get moksha.

Krishna tells Arjuna that His avataras are taken to save His devotees. Arjuna’s journey will end the moment he understands how the Lord can be reached. But the Lord’s journey does not end, for there are always atmas to be saved. He has to care not just for Arjuna but for everyone who surrenders at His feet. He sees it as His duty to save them and guide them.

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