In his second ‘Pallandu’ pasuram, Periazhvar prays for inseparability from the Lord. This pasuram emphasises that we constitute the Lord’s body, and the Lord is the One who dwells in us. Here Periazhvar also speaks of the Lord’s Leela Vinbhuti and His Nitya Vibhuti. In the first pasuram, he speaks of His Divya Mangala Vigraham, and here he speaks of His two Vibhuti. By mentioning chetanas like himself, the Azhvar points to the Lord’s Leela Vibhuti. By mentioning His consort, discus and conch, he draws attention to His Nitya Vibhuti, said Kidambi Narayanan.

In the second pasuram, Azhvar speaks in the plural while speaking about the devotees of the Lord. Since it is he who is singing the ‘Pallandu,’ there is no reason for him to resort to the plural. He could just say ‘I.’ Instead of “adiyomodum,” he might as well say, “Yennodum.” He does not use the singular for two reasons. The use of ‘I’ would indicate Ahankara. So he shuns it. Shedding of Ahankara will take us closer to God.

Besides, Periazhvar sees everyone as a devotee of Lord Narayana. In this respect, he is like Prahlada, who said he could think of no one as an enemy, since Lord Narayana resides inside everyone. So since Periazhvar sees everyone as a devotee of Lord Narayana, he sings his verses on behalf of everyone. They are not just his prayers, but those of all humanity. Moreover while Periazhvar himself has knowledge of his atma swaroopam, and knows that he is the servant (dasa) of the Lord, there may be many others who may not have this knowledge. His pasuram is offered on their behalf too.

Similarly Nammazhvar, in his ‘Neer Numadhu’ pasuram, exhorts us to shed the thoughts of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and get close to God. Andal, in her very first Thiruppavai, calls upon all those who wish to serve the Lord to wake up. When one wishes to serve the Lord, all that matters is the desire to serve Him, ‘dasa bhava.’ Rituals take a back seat.

Lord Narayana is described even by the Vedas, as One who cannot be fathomed by mind or words. It is to such a Lord that Periazhvar sings, hoping to keep evil eyes away from the Lord.

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