There can be nothing beyond the Lord's Sankalpa and this truth is manifest in all His incarnations. When His stay in Brindavan had to come to an end, it was a heart-rending separation that the people faced. To them Krishna was more that their life. Their whole life depended on Krishna and they could not imagine life with out Him. Krishna subtly teaches the truth that the Jivatma should learn to transcend the pulls of likes and dislikes which comprise every individual's life, pointed out Srimati Jaya Srinivasan in a lecture.

The same people who felt so much love for Krishna and cared for His well being at the time of His encounter with Kaliya, had to put up with a permanent separation from him when Akrura was sent by Kamsa to bring Krishna to his palace.

Did they not panic in fear and grief when the venomous Kaliya had held Him in his coils when Krishna had decided to quell Kaliya's atrocities and had jumped into the Yamuna to confront him on a one-to-one basis? Only too well aware of Kaliya's lethal power, they stood helpless on the banks of Yamuna, anxious about His welfare.

The furious serpent rushed to attack Krishna. But before the snake could catch him, Krishna quickly climbed on Kaliya's head. To shake him off, Kaliya tried to coil around Krishna and crush him. He even tried to drown him but Krishna stayed underwater without breathing. Seeing the desperation in people on the banks which included his parents, the gopis and other friends, Krishna began to expand His body. The serpent was unable to counter this and let loose its hold on Krishna. In anger when it expanded its hoods, spewing poison fire and flames from its mouth and nostrils, Krishna rose to stand on the hoods of the serpent and matched its movements most gracefully.

But Krishna knows that He has get ahead with the purpose of His Avatar. The time to move to Kamsa's court was here and He had to bid farewell to the people here.

Fully aware of His uncle Akrura's pure devotion, He gets ready to receive him and also prepare for His journey.

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