The birth place of Seshadri Swamigal, the village is a pilgrims’ spot.

Vazhur is a charming village located between Kanchipuram and Vandavasi. Renovation is on at the Sri Sundaravadana Perumal temple with consecration set for February 12. Vazhur also gaisn significance from the fact that is the birthplace of Seshadri Swamigal, saint who brought Ramana Maharishi to light.

Childless for a long period, the couple, Varadarajan and Maragathambal prayed to the Sri Sundaravadana Perumal and Brahmapuriswara, presiding deity of the Siva temple in the village. Seshadri was born, who became an ascetic and moved to Tiruvannamalai. The people of Vazhur consider the house where the couple lived as sacred. The tulsi madam worshipped by Maragathammal is now at the Perumal temple.

Seshadri Swamigal in his childhood and adolescent days is said to have spent long hours at the Perumal temple and bathed in the tank. The nearly 2,000-year old temple was dilapidated and taken up for renovation. Inscriptions have been found making references to Vazhur and the two temples. Arunagirinathar has sung in praise of the place.

Work was taken up in 2009 and has progressed depending on the availability of funds. Mahakumbabishekam has been fixed at 10.15 a.m. on February 12. It has been planned to begin work on a Manimantapam for Seshadri Swamigal in the evening. Preliminary rituals begin on February 10. For details contact 9840110827, 9840053289 and 9443543397.