The Ramayana illustrates the inseparability of Lord Narayana and Lakshmi, Thandri Srinivasa Thathachariar said in a discourse. It shows that when we surrender, it must be to the Divya Dampati (Divine Couple), and it is not possible to think of the Lord without His consort, or vice-versa. When King Janaka offers Sita’s hand in marriage to Rama, he says: “Iyam Seetha mama sutaa sahadharma charee tava.” Here he says Seetha will help Rama carry out His dharma. In other words, Seetha will enable Rama to be a ‘Saranagata Vatsala.’

When Rama prepares to leave for the forest, Lakshmana addresses both Rama and Seetha. He says while He (Rama) spends time in the company of Vaidehi, he (Lakshmana) will serve Them in Their waking hours, and when They are asleep. The ‘dasa bhava’ is of the essence in Visishtadvaita, and here Lakshmana shows the attitude of a servitor is one we must adopt not only with regard to the Lord but also to Goddess Mahalakshmi.

The observations of Akampana and Soorpanaka in the Ramayana show the inseparability of Rama and Seetha. Akampana says if Ravana wants to defeat Rama, he must take Seetha away from Him. Soorpanaka goes a step further. Demoness though she is, she reveals, through her words, her grasp of the concept of Godhead: Ravana might have conquered many worlds; there may be many who pay him obeisance, but he lacks the most essential requisite of the Parabrahmam: the presence of Lakshmi.

When Anjaneya goes to Lanka and sees Seetha, he conjures up a mental image of Rama and Seetha as a couple and remarks they match each other in all respects. Anjaneya says Rama and Seetha are able to bear the pangs of separation only because Seetha remains enthroned in Rama’s heart, and He in Hers. When he returns to Rama after meeting Seetha, Anjaneya first turns in the direction of Lanka and worships Seetha, before he turns towards Rama and prostrates before Him.

And who are the recipients of the grace of the Divine Couple? Not only the pure but even the most undeserving, like Kakasura, for example, have been saved by the grace of the Divine Couple.

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