Akrura, even though he serves Kamsa, is a great devotee of Krishna. Yet the fear of Kamsa keeps him away from the Lord, denying him the joy of receiving His blessings. Elated when Kamsa himself sends him to bring Krishna to Mathura, Akrura feels that his master who is unknown to generosity has showered him with kindness. While he was on his way to Brindavan, he fervently prays that all hurdles to his meeting Krishna disappear by His grace.

His Krishna Bhakti is symbolic of the single-minded longing of those yearning to behold Him in close proximity, said Sri B. Sundarkumar in a lecture.

Thoughts on the moment when the darshan of the Lord’s lotus feet will be bestowed on him suffuse Akrura’s mind. Aware that Krishna graces His devotees according to their ways of worship, he wonders about the Lord’s possible reaction on seeing him. As Akrura enters Brindavan, he identifies the prints of the Lord’s feet on the sand, prostrates on the ground and rolls on the sand to be blessed by the dust from the feet of the Lord and His devotees. Krishna’s hospitality while receiving him overwhelms Akrura, and he feels that all his reveries on the way had come true. He marvels at Krishna’s penchant for His devotees in not only granting their desires but also offering Himself to them. What else would a devotee long for after attaining which there is nothing further to be attained?

As Krishna leaves for Mathura, an indescribable sorrow grips the people of Brindavan. The Gopis are anguished at the separation from Krishna, left as they are only with lingering thoughts of Him.

The Lord reveals His form to Akrura when he has a ceremonial bath in the Yamuna. Under the water, Akrura has a vision of Krishna and Balarama while simultaneously perceiving them in the chariot. When he goes for his next dip, he beholds the glorious form of the Lord on Adisesha with all His divine paraphernalia. Immersed in the transcendental experience generated by the Lord’s vision he returns to the chariot only to be confronted with a quizzical Krishna and Balarama. A bewildered Akrura prays for salvation while engulfed in the revelation granted to him.

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