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Updated: March 13, 2014 16:12 IST

Quick Five: Tiku Talsania - Laughter, serious business

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Tiku Talsania takes his roles seriously.
The Hindu
Tiku Talsania takes his roles seriously.

Mirth is the best medicine for all maladies. Tiku Talsania has been giving us constant doses of this medicine for the last 25 years. We not only laugh with him but at times laugh at him. Starting from “Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi” he has tried to redefine comedy by adding a a new flavour every time.

Tiku was recently in the Capital to promote his new horror comedy show, “Pritam, Pyaare Aur Woh” which is being aired on SAB TV. This serial promises to be a rib-tickling delight. It gives a new treatment to the subject of ghosts with Tiku in a new avatar. In a telephonic conversation he talked about the serial, degradation of comedy, his experiences, etc.

We have seen you not only doing comedy characters but also serious roles. Which is closer to you?

Frankly speaking, only acting is closer to me . Though to make anyone laugh is in itself a serious job, I have tried my best in whatever role has been given to me. I have played all my characters with same dedication and seriousness, whether it is comic or a character role.

Talking about content and form of present day comedy, don’t you feel it has changed drastically? Even human relations are not for spared. Relationships and emotions are being targeted to create the milieu of comedy.

Today we live in an instant world, where everything is needed instantly. We do not want to wait for anything. Life has become so fast today that at the end of the day we want to laugh, we do not care who is making us laugh and how. Then there is the question of television rating point. The audience likes that type of show that’s why they run it.

Comedy has many genres so which one does Tiku Talsania like the most? Do you think it is fair to mimic somebody’s acting for comedy?

Sitcom is the best thing to create comedy if it is handled carefully by the director. No, copying the acting of someone cannot be justified. But you may note that if you are successful by copying someone then no one bothers to ask all these questions.

Male icons have dominated comedy scenario always. Females have been very few. Why? Actually it is all about the script. But now the scenario has changed and females are also coming in this genre and they are doing well.

What type of character do you play in “Pritam, Pyaare Aur Who”?

I have played the role of Tiku who is a money-minded businessman. He is a millionaire but miser and believes in investing less and earning more. A very short tempered person, Tiku is married to a young pretty woman named Gogi, who is younger to him. Tiku follows every word of Gogi and she is the only reason why he keeps tolerating Pritam and Pyaare in his house.

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