Stand-up comedian, Bharti Singh can make audiences fall off their seats with her humour. Pioneering her madness through a series of episodes in “Comedy Circus” she is now being seen anchoring “India’s Got Talent Season 5”. Bharti continues to remain energetic over the stage despite her weight. She confidently carries her shape even while doing acts like jumping and bold splits. Her act of mimicry has gained her fame as one of the most talented comedians in the country. Bharti says, “It feels blessed to be a funny person. I forget all my miseries and sickness once I am on the stage, it is the love of the people that has kept me going.”

She also tells how a comedian never fails to entertain people and does a good work of spreading happiness around.

How is anchoring, “India’s Got Talent” different from what you did at “Comedy Circus”?

I am finding it very easy. While we were given a topic at “Comedy Circus” to perform, anchoring is very spontaneous. It is fun to share the stage with such a diverse talent. I got emotional and started crying in the second episode, seeing a physically challenged girl dancing. Many people tweeted to me that I shouldn’t cry. But I too am emotional.

You are considered overweight. How do you manage to remain so active on the stage?

Not only on stage but I remain active backstage too. Six years that I have been staying in Mumbai, I always eat homemade food. Pizza or pasta do not tingle my taste buds, neither can I digest them. It is very difficult to give someone a smile and I feel blessed when people forget their stress as they watch me perform. Anywhere at a market place or airport, anyone who smiles seeing me makes me relieved that I am doing a good work knowing so much evil is around. You forget all your miseries once you step on the stage. It’s not like that I will make people laugh less on a day my mother is ill or I don’t feel like acting.

What is your happiness mantra?

Live, laugh, eat and drink. Life is too short to give pain to others. I eat to the fullest, sleep long and make people laugh whole heartedly. I live life fully and don’t worry if there is more ghee in my food or if it is fried. Starting my day with gobhi ka paranthas and a glass full of milk, I get ready to go for shoots. I am a funny as well as an emotional person. The comedian inside me cries at times while watching a movie.

You were seen doing some difficult moves as a participant in “Jhalak Dikhla Ja” that otherwise only slim girls can perform. How was that possible?

Moves are in the heart, not in a body. I was never afraid of competition and performed tension free. I was more focussed on how well I carried the moves and actions.

Has your weight ever become a professional necessity?

I never planned to lose weight. Even when I was born the doctor credited me as an overweight child in the ward. At school too, I was awarded a prize for maximum weight. So it was never like, that being fat was in fashion and I suddenly decided to get it. Whosoever wishes to marry me would have seen my size over the TV. I don’t want to be slim; I can get a wedding gown stitched to my size. We do comedy only to make people laugh. All these thin girls who work in TV serials are seen for sometime and then they disappear. But a comedian lives forever. Even today when Johnny Lever Bhai comes on stage, he makes everyone laugh. Jokes are made of those who are famous, so I request not to feel upset about this.