A promising flute recital by Maitreyi Jayaseelan was recently featured.

Kalasagaram featured a flute recital by youngster Maitreyi Jayaseelan as part of its monthly chamber concerts. She is the disciple of the noted flautist Jayaprada Ramamoorthy. This youngster gave a scintillating flute solo with Pavan Singh on the violin and Sai Giridhar on the mridangam.

Jayaseelan began with a varnam Eranapai in ragam Todi, adi talam, followed by kriti Bhaja Manasa Vighneswaram Anisham in raga Bahudari with aesthetical swarakalpana. Thyagaraja's Elavatara in ragam Mukhari played in Vilamba kalam was neatly rendered.

This was followed by an elaboration of the raga Latangi. Jayaseelan revealed the classic sangathis and sancharas in the ragam which sounded effective for the kriti Marivere Dikkevaru (khanda chapu talam) with a brief swara prastharam. Mamava Sada Janani of Dikshitar in Kanada was the next to come before going to the main attraction of the day. Khambhoji was the ragam and the artiste showed great maturity in her alapana and at this age, attempting such gana ragam is really appreciated.

Marakata valli of Dikshitar was done justice to in a steady vilamba kalapramana with all the good sangathis in it. The swarakalpana was followed by a catchy tani by Sai Giridhar on the mridangam. Pavan did well on the violin and contributed to the success of the concert.


Melody of the mandolinNovember 21, 2009