Up-and-coming singer Savitha Sreeram charmed the audience at Kalpathy Sangeethotsavam with her open-throated voice. While the main concerts were at 7 p.m., youngsters shone in the 5 p.m. slot that was reserved for them.

The singer began her concert with an Adi tala varnam, ‘Samidayajoodara' (Kedaragoula) and followed it with Swati's ‘Deva deva,' in Mayamalavagoula.

This was followed by Dikshitar's ‘Annapoorne' (Syama) and Tyagaraja's ‘Pattivaradu' (Manjari). As the concert was dedicated to the royal composer, Savitha moved on to Swati kritis.

Erudite performance

An erudite and charming portrayal of ‘Pankajaksha thava seva' in Thodi showcased the fact that she is from the Semmangudi school. A brisk ‘Bhogeendrasayinam' (Kunthalavarali) led to the highlight of the concert, ‘Paripahi Mamayi' in Kalyani. This was followed by a tani.

An exponent of Abhang bhajans, Savitha rendered a few devotional pieces. She sang ‘Abheeraghulala' (Chokkamela-Mohanam) and ‘Bhakthajanavalsale' (Sant Namdev-Brindavani) with a great deal of attention to diction.

Students of Chittoor College paid homage to Annamacharya by singing his compositions.

This was followed by a concert by Anayadi Dhanalakshmi, a faculty member of the music department of the college. She was accompanied by Anoop Bhaskar (violin) and Unnikrishna (mridangam). Her renditions of Annamayya's ‘Namonamo' and ‘Brahmakatikina,' which had brilliant swarakalpanas were praiseworthy. She also brought out the nuances of raga Dharmavathy.

Anayadi also presented a rare Thalappakkam kriti on Lord Anjaneya – ‘Mangambudhi Hanumantha.'

Students of Chembai Memorial Music College performed the concert dedicated to Dikshitar. They were accompanied by Sujith (edakka) and faculty members Sindhu (violin), Baiju (veena) and Jagadeendran (mridangam).

Graceful delineation

Hareesh Narayan earned the appreciation of music buffs with his graceful delineation of ragas and bhava-laden presentation of kritis. The day was dedicated to Syama Sastri. He was accompanied by Viala Rajendran (violin), Trichur Mani (mridangam) and Tripunithura Kannan (ghatam).

Hareesh began his concert with the Adi tala varnam ‘Ninnukori' in Vasantha. This was followed by ‘Saraseeruhasanapriye' in Natta and the Dikshitar kriti ‘Ardhanareeswaram' in Kamudakriya. He then went on to render compositions by Syama Sastri. A Dhanyasi ragalapana showcased his abiding sense of tradition.

‘Meenalochanibrova' showcased the fact that he has a strong grip in slow-paced renditions. The high point of the concert was a dexterous rendition of Periyasamithooran's ‘Punniyam orukoti' in Kirvani.

After an excellent tani, Ramesh concluded the concert with Syama Sastri's ‘Karunajoodavamma' in Sreeragam.

The concerts were organised in connection with the Rathothsavam.