N.J. Nandini's recital in Palakkad proved why she is considered one of the bright stars in the Carnatic firmament. P.Vijayambika

N.J. Nandini lived up to the expectations of the audience during her recital in Palakkad. She proved to be a worthy heir to the great lineage of her grand father, the legendary Vechoor Hariharasubrahmania Iyer.

Her systematic training and sadhana helped her make a good impression. Apt selection of songs with the right blend of rare and familiar ragas, talas, tempo and composers also helped the singer strike a rapport with her listeners. She was accompanied by R. Swaminadhan on the violin and Guruvayoor Sanoj on the mridangam.

Devout rendition

Commencing with a devout rendition of a sloka, ‘Ekadantham' on Lord Ganesa in Saveri, Nandini moved on to the Adi tala varna of Kothavasal Venkitaramayya – ‘Sarasuda.' She garnished the charanam with glowing manodharmaswaras too.

An impressive presentation of ‘Kamalasini sundari,' a rare composition of G.N.B in Kalyani, set to Roopaka tala, was appended with a well-articulated niraval and exhilarating swarasanchara at ‘Kamalapuravasini…'

An exquisite alapana of Ritigoula, was followed by a sedate ‘Janani ninuvina' of Subbaraya Sasthri. ‘Vararagalaya,' an Ekeika raga kriti of Tyagaraja in Chenjukamboji, was laced with rhythmic chittaswaras sung in a surprisingly fast tempo, which elated rasikas.

A soulful Keeravani revolved around the Manthrasthayi sanchras. An evocative ‘Ambavani' of Muthayya Bhagavathar was decorated with niraval and swaraprasthara at ‘Paradevi neevu...

Tyagaraja's ‘Muddumomu' in Suryakantham was an apt prelude to the main item of the concert, an expansive exposition of Kamboji. Her alapana was in perfect alignment with sruthi and it highlighted the different swaroopas of the raga. Swaminadhan's melodic essay of the ragas was greeted with applause.

Nandini then took up Swati Tirunal's not-commonly-heard ‘Rasavilasa,' set to Adi tala (two kala). Guruvayoor Sanoj excelled in his Tani.

Viruthams in Shanmukhapriya and Hamsanandi were rendered in the second half of the concert. It was followed by ‘Sreenivasa Thiruvenkata' of Papanasam Sivan. A folk number ‘Kavatichinthu‘ Chennikkular' and a Thiruppukal ‘Malasai' in Sahana, Mohanam and Janpuri earned the appreciation of the listeners. Nandini wound up the concert with a lilting thillana of Lalgudi Jayaraman in Madhuvanthi.

Her concert was organised by the Swathi Sangeetha Sabha at Vithunni Saneeswara Temple in Palakkad.