The duo will perform on Nov 2 at Bangalore, on Nov 10 at Kochi, on Nov 15 at Coimbatore and Nov 25 at Hyderabad

The two famous artistes are childhood friends, growing up together and sometimes training under the same gurus, learning in the eclectic background of Mumbai. In this concert, they celebrate the similarities and differences between the Hindustani and Carnatic systems. The show stems from their deep respect and understanding of their respective systems of music. Together, they will explore melodies, compositions, emotions and also rhythm that define and characterise the two systems. The unique blend of voice and bansuri is a search that the musicians are on, to explore their inner selves and their passion for innovation within the confines of tradition. It is the result of their constant journey to find new expressions in melody and rhythm.

Famous Carnatic music singer Bombay Jayashri Ramnath is a disciple of violin maestro Shri. Lalgudi G Jayaraman. Along with her classical underpinning, Jayashri is a notable and innovative contemporary musician, composer and teacher, who also trained in Hindustani classical music under Shri Mahavir Jaipurvale and Shri Ajay Pohankar, and learnt the veena from Shri G.N. Dhandapani Iyer. Her passion for creativity and experimentation in music has led to interesting collaborations with artistes as varied as Pt Ronu Majumdar and Shubha Mudgal to Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas and Senegalese singer Thione Seck, as well as dabbling in playback music for films.

Noted flautist Ronu Majumdar trained first under his father Dr. Bhanu Majumdar and later Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao, who coached and converted Ronu into a concert flautist. Ronu’s famous innovation is the Shank Bansuri, a three feet long flute that he designed and which adds extra dimensions to the lower scales. The maestro was nominated for the Grammy Awards in 1996 for the album ‘Tabula Rasa’ with American banjo player Bela Fleck. He has also collaborated with Pandit Ravi Shankar in various albums. Like Jayashri, this Maihar gharana musician is passionate about improvisation and innovation.

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Jugalbandi - Bombay Jayashri and Ronu Majumdar

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Dates & Venues:

Nov 2, Bangalore; Chowdiah Memorial Hall - Book tickets for Bangalore show

Nov 10, Kochi; Kerala Fine Art Hall - Book tickets for Kochi show

Nov 15, Coimbatore; Corporation Kalai Arangam - Book tickets for Coimbatore show

Nov 25, Hyderabad; Ravindra Bharathi - Book tickets for Hyderabad show


Bombay Jayashri

Ronu Majumdar

Ajeet Pathak

Sumesh S. Narayanan