Sruti Sagar’s Kalyani was outstanding.

Though young in age, J.B. Sruthi Sagar has a highly matured musical skill and performing talent. There was an element of charming magic in his flute recital. This little genius has a touch of Mali. The expansive Kalyani that he presented would be remembered for a long time by those fortunate to listen.

The raga elaboration was masterly with total control and confidence. The all-time favourite, ‘Etha Unara’ of Tyagaraja came off with full verve and vigour. “O Rama, where doth thou dwell?” asks the saint. The niraval and swaras were at ‘Bhookamalaarkkaanila.’ G. Murali Pavithran (violin) and Vikram Vasudevan (mridangam) – both NRIs – gave adequate support. The thani had a few thisra patterns as well.

Sruthi Sagar, the promising youngster elaborated a ripe Devagandhari with all its gorgeous gamakas. Gopalakrishna Bharati’s ‘Enneramum Unthan Sannidhiyile’ was the chosen kriti, apt for the Arudra Darsanam. The rendering conveyed the import and intrinsic beauty of the composition.

Sagar commenced his afternoon concert with Tyagaraja’s Sindhuramakriya kriti, ‘Devathi Deva Sadasiva.’ The Ritigowla alapana and Maharaja Swati Tirunal’s ever green special, ‘Paripalayamam’ in Rupakam were splendid. So were the kalpanaswaras at the Pallavi itself. Tyagaraja’s Jayamanohari piece, ‘Yagnaathulu’ – popularised by GNB – was another neat rendition. Sruthi Sagar wound up his concert with the Suratti Tiruppugazh, ‘Mathiyal Vitthakanaaki’ and Sundarar Thevaram, ‘Thaanenai Mun,’ in Ahiri.

Sagar richly deserves a double promotion, which one hopes, the sabha will give him next year.