Dutch jazz quartet to perform at Taj Club House on November 12

Taj Club House hosts the Dutch jazz quartet, The Buzz Bros Band, at Summit on November 12, 7.30 p.m. Described as ‘adventurous, freely interpreted, electric acoustic funky jazz with an ethnic touch', music buffs can enjoy the performance along with a selection of fine cuisine from the kitchens of Kefi, Clubhouse and Beyond Indus.

Founded in 2001 by guitarist and composer Marnix Busstra and his brother, pianist Berthil (an association that led to the band's unique name), The Buzz Bros Band is a well-known jazz quartet in Europe. The brothers along with drummer Chris Strik and bassist Frans van Geest have together produced ground-breaking jazz over the years.

For details about the band visit http://www.buzzbrosband.nl, http://www.buzzmusic.nl, http://www.buzzmusicrecords.nl, www.marnixbusstra.nl, www.berthilbusstra.nl, www.chrisstrik.nl.

For reservations, contact Taj Club House at 66313131. Entry is Rs. 1,400 per person.