Sumana S. Pai's mellifluous voice was put to good use during her recital in Palakkad.

Sumana S. Pai delighted her audience at Vithunni Saneeswara Temple, Palakkad, with her mellifluous voice and selection of compositions.

The artiste was well supported by Cherthala Sindhu on the violin and A. Ganesan on the mridangam. Sumana began the concert with ‘Devi Jagadeeswari,' a rare Adi tala varnam in Gourimanohari composed by her guru, N.P. Ramaswami. Dikshitar's Ganesha stuthi, ‘Sree Maha Ganapathiravathuma' in Goula, set to Misrachappu tala, was followed by a melodious Hindolam.

Sindhu brought to fore facets of the raga on her violin.

Sumana brought out the sahithyabhava of Mysore Vasudevacharya's ‘Mamavathu Sreesaraswathi.' A devotional ‘Divakarathanujam' in Yadukulakamboji, a Navagrahakeerthana of Dikshitar, came next.

Attention to diction

‘Deenasranyane' in Karnaranjani and ‘Brochevarevarura' in Kamas were rendered with attention to diction.

Sumana took Nasikabhooshani for detailed alapana. Although it is strange for a musician to choose this raga for detailed alapana, Sumana did justice to it .

Tyagaraja's ‘Maravairiramani' led to a good tani by Ganesan.

The latter half of the concert saw Sumana rendering devotional numbers. She concluded with a thillana by Ramaswami in Nattakkurinji.

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