Bharateeya Kala Samithi, a noted music sabha, celebrated its Golden Jubilee on a grand scale bringing 108 veena artistes together for a recital called ‘Ashtothara Sata Veena Vibhavari’, held in memory of Eemani Sankara Sastry.

This mammoth group of artistes was led by Kalyani, daughter of Sankara Sastry, who carries forward her father’s legacy.

The numbers chosen for presentation were all popular ones, hence it was easy for them to present in unison. It opened with Kalyani Varnam.

The presentation was so unique that all the artistes synchronized well. They played Vatapi Ganpathim Bhaje in Hamsadhwani of Deekshitar, an invocation to Lord Ganesha. Then figured Sankara Sastry’s composition Neerajakshi Nee Muddu Momu in Neethimati, a rare raga.

Thyagaraja Pacharatna Kirtana Endaro Mahanubhavulu in Sriragam was indeed a great number to relish. All the artistes played it so well that it echoed Thyagaraja Aradhana festivities. Even in playing Chittaswaras there was perfect unanimity. Nadaloludai in Kalyana Vasantham that the group took up next was a neat execution. Raghuvamsa Sudha in Kadanakuguhalam, a brisk presentation was perfectly handled by the artistes taking care of speed and mood. Radha Vallabha, a Surdas bhajan in Sindhubhairavi, was followed by two of Annamayya kirtanas Narayante Namo Namo in Sindhubhairavi of Aannamayya and Brahmamokkate in Bowli in the concluding part of this mammoth music event that was closed with play of some Vedic Hymns.

Tamil Nadu governor K. Rosaiah specially came down to attend the show and was all praise for the event. He felicitated the artistes.