Carnatica's much-awaited annual chat show, Sangeetha Sandippu — Carnatic Celebrity Coffee Chat, is back! This is the only event in Carnatic music today that offers rasikas a chance to interact with their favourite stars in an informal atmosphere and at close quarters! Rasikas can ask questions to the musicians, and the questions can range from “What’s your favourite cuisine?” to “Have you ever experienced stage fright?”!

The second day of the event saw the popular violinist duo Ganesh and Kumaresh, along with the latter's wife Veenai Jayanthi field questions from a full-house about a plethora of topics — from their childhood practice sessions to their acting career. The chat session got off to a sparkling start with Ganesh singing a song in the raga Hindolam, which he'd composed specially for the Music Season. Speaking about their days as child prodigies, Ganesh and Kumaresh said that their father was their guru and guiding light and ensured that their development as musicians was all-round. Veenai Jayanthi, in response to a question on why she choose the veena coming as she does from a family of great violinists, said that it would only be appropriate to say that the veena had chosen her. She regaled the audience with unforgettable incidents from her musical career. Ganesh's daughter Dharini spoke about how her parents give her a free hand and do not pressurise her to become a musician. The event ended on a note of warm camaraderie, with Ganesh, Kumaresh and Jayanthi acknowledging one another's contribution in their lives.

At the beginning of the chat session, a quiz was conducted, and prize-winning rasikas were given free DVDs by Fast Forward. Sangeetha Fast Foods provided free snacks and coffee to all the rasikas!