Hosting shows, festivals and spinning discs…Nikhil Chinapa's hands are full

Nikhil Chinapa's life is one big party. And amidst all the partying, DJ-ing, travelling and hosting shows, he also has to occasionally play mommy to the contestants of Splitsvilla. “Sometimes they have complaints about each other and turn to me like I am a school headmaster,” says an amused Nikhil, who is back as host of Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla 4 — The Gamble of Love which airs every Friday at 7 p.m.

The show, this time, has been shot in Dubai in a villa at the Palm Jumeirah. The strong flavours of Dubai are quite apparent in some of the activities lined up for the contestants. “There is belly dancing, for instance. One of the most interesting activities is milking camels. A few of the contestants even got kicked by the animals while trying it out,” laughs Nikhil. The show often portrays contestants as sly, backbiting and opportunistic. Is the game designed for schemers, as shown? Nikhil disagrees and says it's about using the mind. “You are on a show with numerous other strangers for nearly a month. They are not your best friends. They are competitors. And when you are about to be eliminated, you have to make friends with the other contestants so that they don't vote you out,” he says in a phone interview.

The contestants, of course, are roughing it out but, as host, Nikhil often finds it difficult to remain rational and keep a straight face. “Besides, you never get enough sleep. We have to shoot one episode in two days. But hanging out with the crew is good fun. We are like a family.”

The Sunburn Festival

The Sunburn Festival in Goa is just around the corner and, as festival director, Nikhil sure has miles to go before he can sleep. He has to curate, host and give the festival direction. With approximately 55-65 performers participating and large crowds gathering, the security arrangements are rather elaborate. “We work very closely with the Goa Police, the anti-doping agency and have four sniffer dogs. Anybody caught indulging in unlawful activities will not be allowed to participate in the festival,” he informs.

Not just organising, one will also get to see him spin some discs. “For the first time, I'll be playing at the after-party.” With so much happening, doesn't he get tired? “Yes I do,” he says, adding with a grin, “but, never of partying!”

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Priyadarshini PaitandyJune 28, 2012