Riccha Paul has put her foot through every door and made it work. She narrates her story

An engineer turned singer, recording artiste, MC, pub quiz host, writer and baker, Riccha Paul says: “I enjoyed studying engineering, loved college and made friends for life. Passion, on the other hand, had other plans for me.”

Ask her how and why she decided to chase her dreams and Riccha responds: “I was always singing. Be it in school, college or university. When I got the opportunity to take it up professionally, I just had to take it. It wasn't a very easy decision to make, but when I did quit my job, I didn't miss sitting in front of a desktop one bit!”

Riccha also runs Sugar Rush, a cupcake/cake boutique in the city. She says: “I started baking for family. I had just returned from a little vacation from London and was obsessed with red velvet cupcakes from this quaint little bakery called ‘The Hummingbird Bakery’. So, as a mission, I tried my hardest to replicate them. After watching a billion videos and reading those many recipes, I finally succeeded and started baking for friends and family. They pushed me into selling them.”

One would think professional training is required to pursue professions like these but Riccha says: “I'm definitely not a trained baker. I read a lot of books on the science of cooking and watch videos on techniques. The internet is amazing. A few years ago, I would have said I'm not a trained singer, either. But ever since I've taken it up, I've learnt the skill on the job. Everyday is a new lesson learnt.”

While most people find it difficult to handle one job, Riccha seems to be juggling her many jobs with élan. “Luckily, I don't work for anyone so it balances out. But there are days when I'm pulling my hair apart. But it is those days that make me the happiest. No matter how much stress I go through, I sleep the best when I've done justice to my work.”

Riccha’s passion and dreams have propelled her to do the things she does today but having her family back her decision up was important. “It's always a struggle to convince your parents that you're going to give up a hefty paycheck and medical benefits to follow your dreams. But, it's worth it and they get it. Eventually.”

While she says being her own boss is a very good feeling, Riccha adds: “As with anything one pursues, there are challenges. Time management is pretty much my biggest challenge. Other than that, I guess not knowing enough is always something that drives you to learn more.”

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